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Date: 98-06-08 11:15:59 EDT
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Dennis Björnberg wrote:

> I just read and it spoilt my day for sure! It seems such a waste that she
> would put out an album of "little keyboard drum machine crap" (quoted from
> the afformentioned guestbook), when she had this really slammin' band
> backing her on her promo-concert in Stockholm recently.
> Dennis

Like I said, these are just comments in a guestbook. What may be one's
cup of tea may be someone else's bourbon.....but all around, I'm hearing
the same thing. I'll just have to hear it for myself and judge then.

You say she had a live band in Sweden? Maybe there's hope. You know,
sometimes an artist will hold back on the album a bit so that they can
give more to the live performance. Let's hope that she didn't hold back
so much, that no one will want to even bother with the album.

Maybe she didn't have much say in the matter of how her album (or CD) was
recorded. It is a shame that a voice like hers would be wasted on some
programmed drum machine crap, but then again, that's the way the industry is
headed (unless you have some incredible pull, or a great band already put
together). And on that point, I have a feeling that when she did the album,
she did not have a band already put together, therefore the record company
would have had to pay set musicians for an album of someone who hadn't done
any solo music before. It would be less of a ridk for them to simply put her
voice over some cheap Drum machine mixes. I'm not saying that I agree with
this (quite the contrary actually) but after all, this IS the record industry.

I would guess that her current tour with a live band is to get people
interested and to buy the CD. After that, the record company will hopefully
grant her the freedom to record with a live band......I still say she should
never have left the BNH. After all, she only did 2 albums with them (not
counting the rap CD).

Oh well, just my 2 cents