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Yeah, alot of great stuff came out of Italy, but it should probably be
noted that most of this stuff was actually recorded and is now gaining
popularity and being rereleased everywhere.

I have one compilation from IRMA records called "Mo Plen 3000: Space
killer tracks from the past.... till the third millenium", and was all
recorded in the late 60's and 70's. Alot of this kind of music was played
in European porno flix, and there was some really good stuff of this kind
coming out of Germany as well.

If you like what's being put out on IRMA, then you'll probably also love
most of the stuff out on Crippled records. Again, it's 70's Italian and
German movie soundtracks to pornos, horror flix and B-movies like Vampyros
Lesbos. "Vampyros Lesbos" is a pretty good comp to pick up, as well as both
volumes to the "Beat at Cinecitta" series. Their website is (I think), and you can listen to a bunch of samples to get
an idea of what it's all about.

Another really cool company that's been putting out this kinda stuff is
sequel records. I got "The Easy Project II: House of Loungecore", and it's
just amazing from start to finish. I notice that that they have a website,, but to be honest I've just noticed it right now, so I
don't know what it's like.

Finally, I also noticed just today that Irma's web page is,
so I guess I'll be surfing quite a bit today.



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>> I have the Meltin' Pot complilation as well. My favorite is "Sexuality"
>> by Gazzara. If you check on the back of the CD cover there is a website
>> for IRMA. I can't remember it off hand. If you can, please pass it
>> along. I'm sure the other listees would like to see their website. In
>> my opinion, there is some good stuff coming out of Italy right now.
>I believe it's, but don't bother checking it because
>it's been "under construction" for months, with no info available.
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