MTV, BET, Jeru (was Re: Don't Let the Business Fool Ya!)

Ashwin Tumne (
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 10:24:31 -0400 (EDT)


> Justwatch and get back to me! Peace to all the REAL Hip Hop (Gangstarr,
> Jeru, Roots, Mosdef, Mood, Company Flow, Goodie Mob, De La Soul, Tribe


I've been reading some of the messages on this thread and I keep seeing
Jeru's name poppin' up under the category of REAL Hip hop. Anyone ever
see this guy in concert - he's anything but real - he sucks live (which
to me is an important element in Hip hop). I've also heard he's put on
crappy shows in other cities. As far as his last release - the only thing
that made it good was Premier's production - after witnessing his live
shows, I don't think he actually believes any of the lyrics he put down
on his last record.

BTW, all other acts mentioned above get mad props.

It's good to see discussion on the MTV thing. I agree too that BET very
often plays hip-hop and R&B that has no soul. I give BET props, though, for
their talk shows and gospel music shows - a welcome alternative to that
CNN crap.



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