[acid-jazz] BrokeN'Beat Radio featuring DOGDAZE

From: Argo <argo_at_speakeasy.net>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 04:44:35 -0400

Dogdaze is back... goin' upside yo head once more with a rock solid mix
of twisted subsonic goodness. His tracks and remixes have been in
regular rotation here... keep up to date at Flying High Records...

BrokeN'Beat Radio featuring DOGDAZE

dabrye - take me home [east dev]
dogdaze - contact [unreleased]
jimmy edgar - no static [warp]
dogdaze - one/off [flyin high]
pauli jylhangkangas - nutnutnut [klakson]
aardvarck - man to come (harco pront remake) [m4s]
super collider - darn [loaded]
surra - nature's god [arc]
soulphiction - roots revisited [freude am tanzen]
a made up sound - sunday [philpot]
hanna - afternoon in paris [sound signature]
mathew jonson - octagon [it is what it is]
theo parrish - them drums [sound signature]
yotoko - all creation remix [delsin]
orange water - lo tek [archive]
psyan - tha norm [bitasweet]
digital mystikz - ancient memories (skream remix) [dmz]
loefah - goat stare [dmz]
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