Charlie Hunter Conference & other net stuff

Steve Eisner (
Fri, 1 Sep 95 12:22:21 TZ


If you were wondering what Buddahead was talking about *Microsoft*
Steve, it's probably because you didn't get the message! I
accidentally replied to list-relay instead of the list itself. Ohwell,
I've attached it at the bottom, maybe a little too late, but I attached
it here because of the last para, about my homepage.

[ BTW Buddahead this wasn't a dig on ya - just info for the masses.
See ya on IRC :) ]

| From: <>
| To: <>
| OK, being a *veteran* IRC'er, I'd like to fine-tune the above statement.
OK, being a **veteran** IRC'er, I'd like to fine-tune the above
fine-tune statement. ;) Buddahead's comments, while well-meaning, were
pretty much wrong.

Lo-Ki's IRC server is not part of the main collection of IRC servers.
He runs a separate net and the only way you'll be able to connect to
his server is to use, as he said, as your server.
This means that you cannot use your normally configured IRC server and
go into #hunter - well, you can, but the Charlie Hunter Trio will not
be there! This also means that it's perfectly okay to type
/list *
and you'll get a manageable list of available channels, even though
doing this on a normally connected IRC server would be suicidal.

More net-related stuff. I've been working on my web-page off-and-on.
Right now it's totally under construction but hey, what page isn't. I
have a few samples up there that I'm looking to identify, and I'm going
to be putting more scans, samples, short reviews, whatever up as I get
the time; right now it's pretty bleak. But I'd like to put up some
references to the web pages of other people on the list, so if you have
a web page (with ref's to music) lemme know! I've collected most of
the big-time ones like Massive Brings, Ubiquity, and Erik's already but
it's personal pages I'm after now... in the meantime you can check out
my page at tho I'm almost embarassed to show it yet ;)
** The important thing is that if anyone can identify the three samples
I've upped so far, I'd be really grateful!