Daniel Hirschkoff (
Sun, 3 Sep 95 17:45:44 +0200


Here in Paris radio Nova (the local listenable radio :) is crazy about
Goldie. So I had the opportunity to hear one or two tracks, which
sounded good, but his LP is supposed to be incredible, the best of the
last few months for one of the Nova Crew DJs (Loik or Gilb R, can't
remember)... I know it's essentially jungle, not acid-jazz, but they
say it's really a big crossover of styles, including everything
everyone on this list likes, so I was just wondering why I haven't
heard nothing about him here. I must say that I'm not really impressed
by what I heard so far from Goldie, but usually Glib R and Loik don't
say they like a record to get paid by a label (unless it's a Nova
production :)....

On another tip DJ Cam seems to be everywhere here in Paris, a new
night starts at the What's Up Bar with him, and the What's Up bar has
a compilation due out on september the 15th about this supposed to be
"new sound" with of course DJ Cam and also the DJ Cam quartet. I
forgot name, label etc.. for this but I can look for it if anyone's
interested. I saw posters advertising a compilation of french hip hop
as well, so holidays seem really to be away now... And the charts (not
"rap" charts but "anything" charts) are packed with artists like
Menelik, Alliance Ethnik, Fabe, even NTM and Assassin (who represent a
more hardcore side of the thing), so I guess it's good news.


PS: Goldie is the guest for the Bjork concert here in october. I was
contemplating the idea of going to see it just because of Bjork's eyes
(more than for her music, although I like what she said about music in
the last issue of Vibrations, a mag I highly recommend if you happen
to be in France or Swiss), but Goldie could be a better pretext...