Re: Who'sMerlSaunders?

emveeoh (emveeoh@SIRIUS.COM)
Tue, 5 Sep 95 22:03:12 -0700

I've seen about 4 of his albums in the crates. I think Merl is mainly
known as being a rock/blues/funk guitarist. You'll see his albums mainly
in the blues section of most record shops. He has done a few albums on
his own, but his best stuff can be found on soundtracks. You'll find
some funky jams (and a breakbeat or two) on the 'Heavy Traffic' and the
'Felix The Cat' soundtracks. You might remember those cheesy movies,
featuring Harry Crumb animated characters.

As a matter of fact, I recently tried to clear a sample frin one of
Merl's songs, off of the 'Heavy Traffic' soundtrack. I used two bars of
the opening phrase.... The group handling his publishing said that Merl
"wasn't open to the concept of sampling" and didn't want to let me use
it.... BUMMER!

I think Merl is one of the forgotten funkateers.