Ed Piller-The final word on Acid Jazz/Hollywood Rec.

Matthew Kershaw (matt@acidjazz.demon.co.uk)
Wed, 6 Sep 1995 20:55:41 +0000

Grasping contemporary technology firmly by the hand (something Acid Jazz
tends not to make a habit of) it is with amusement and some trepidation
that I use the internet for the first time... What better for a debut than
the Acid Jazz mailing list... News of an Acid Jazz/Disney link up seems to
have drifted out through someone's dentists sister who drives Hollywood
executives around, whilst I'd be the first to confirm the rumour, I'd like
the opportunity to correct a few facts.

I'm bored of not having Acid Jazz records properly distributed in the
United States. Acid Jazz is one of the biggest independent labels in the
world that remains independent. We adhere and abide by the philosophy of
the independent sector and we thrive on left field unusual musical output.
Acid Jazz has distribution systems in over 40 countries world wide, so why
not the US?

Disney (through Hollywood Records) haven't bought Acid Jazz, far from it,
we have simply entered into a distribution and licensing deal with a major
(the same way we have with Warner Brothers in selected European countries
or Pony Canyon in Japan). However they are hungry for musical success and I
feel we can give them the product they need, without making the musical
compromises that my peers, who are independent in name only, might not be
able to do. At last our records will be available in the United States, so
thank you for checking Acid Jazz and remember that we haven't even started

Ed Piller

Acid Jazz Records, London, England

PS Fuck the Majors.

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