Re: more funky stuff

fingers (
Mon, 11 Sep 1995 13:50:39 -0700

>Dick Hyman- never heard him but was supposed to be the master
>Martin Denny- just picked up an old 'best of...' Weirdo hawaiian
>Sergio Mendes- I get the idea he was a dentist's office regular. I REALLY
>him and for the AJ folks, it's nice easy to find, cheap Brazilian stuff that
>rivals Mondo Grosso's 'Tree, Air Rain...'
>Ray Coniff-Has done his share of crazy stuff. Sort of mod sounding vocals is
>what I like
>James Bond Themes- AHA now we get to stuff closer to acid jazz with a sound
>similar to Lalo Shifrin's Mission Impossible. I have a cover record done by
>Ray Martin and his Orchestra of James Bond themes and it is very cool, very
>spacey, real chase scene material or just exciting climactic kind of sound
WoW!! You are too much...Are you telling me that people are searching out
Ray Anthony records? Are you just listening to them? I do not wat to come
off like an old man, butjray Anthony??? Hyman??? they are both so fucking
stiff..My Dad was in Rays band for a long time, they used to hang at the
house...So did some of Spike Jones guys... noow i dig THAT band alot...
Dick Hyman is a New York Pianist that play not really jazz piano. Lalo
scores movies. herp Alpert is rich. This is too much!@!! hahaha