RE: Sergio Mendes/Top ten lists

Gerald Molumby (
Tue, 12 Sep 95 17:34:17 PDT

I picked up a compilation by Mendes called "Best Of Brazil 66" last
month. It's got some really good, if somewhat slightly cheezy, covers
on it like 'Day Tripper', 'Scarborough Fair', 'Fool on the Hill' etc,
all done in that beautiful Bossa Nova style . My favourute song of
theirs is 'Mas Que Nada' although there's another version of this on
Brazillica (talkin loud) by Jorge Ben (1970) and that's real good too...

Gerry @ Dublin
From: "'Chris' Robert Mills" <>
To: Acid Jazz <acid-jazz@UCSD.EDU>
Subject: Sergio Mendes/Top ten lists
Date: Monday, September 11, 1995 11:36AM

> Sergio Mendes- I get the idea he was a dentist's office regular. I
> him and for the AJ folks, it's nice easy to find, cheap Brazilian stuff that
> rivals Mondo Grosso's 'Tree, Air Rain...'

I dig the guy too, what little I've heard of him (Brasiliero). Anyone got
any tips on
where to start with 'ol Sergio? What discs are out there that have that
"Tree, Air, Rain..." flava?

Also, I'm fairly new to the AJ realm. Anybody want to post a top ten
list of must have stuff that's available on disc? Thanks.