D'angelo in concert = 40 minutes !!!!

Laurent (lgapin@pasteur.fr)
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 10:21:35 +0200

Yesterday evening was THE night. D'angelo was here, in paris,
playing for one night, and many known french artist were there (like french
rap group Alliance Ethnik...) It was a very beautiful small place, not
usual for concert (even like this). The begining was at 9 PM. Of course, he
was late. 45 min. after, the band (drumer, bass player, guitar, keyboard)
and the backsingers (3 women) start. Creative source : who is he ...
(everybody know this classic!) I'm thinking Ough, it's gonna be great....
then he's coming! and start playing with the band ... mix with others well
known soul classics, playing only some notes of each. Suddenly he stop...
People scream (of course). Then the real concert start.... he play rapidely
2 songs from its LP, good... and then a cover of Earth Wind and Fire: Can't
hide love !!! everybody is happy, it's a good concert, live version are
long enough and well play.
Then comes, Sh*t, dawn, Motherf*ckers.... now everybody is hot and people
are dancing all around.... this song is mixed at the end with his second
single (I think ?) You're my lady.
once again it's good... the songs is finish and he say "the show is over,
thank you, good night"
We are all looking at each other, nobody can't believe this, half an hour
of concert !!! no, it's a joke !!
then a menber of the band is coming back on stage, asking people to shout
"D'angelo, the son of Soul" (???? Like MJ, the king of pop ?????)....one
time, two times, there are coming back on stage and start to play Brown
sugar.... here we are, now every things will be OK, the song is ten minutes
long and very well play (they are very good) he start presenting musicians,
nobody play a solo, strange ??????
and then it's over....Bandmenbers leaving the stage, light turn on....
people Shouting, asking for more.........nothing happens....except that a
band menber is coming back saying that they will be in paris once again in
december ....
without me for sure !!! Sh*t, dawn, Motherf*ckers !!!!!