RE: Carl Holmes?

Gerald Molumby (
Wed, 13 Sep 95 11:08:05 PDT

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I saw a copy of "Investigation Pt 1" priced at =A3175 (vinyl only), it =

sold within 1 week. I haven't seen any of his stuff re-released on CD - =

pity cause his stuff, as represented on Luv N'Haight's _Evolution_ is =

damn funky.

Gerry @ Dublin
From: Jonathan Hurwitz <>
To: <acid-jazz@UCSD.EDU>
Subject: Carl Holmes?
Date: Tuesday, September 12, 1995 5:07PM

Hey all,

I have only heard Carl "Sherlock" Holmes on the many Luv N' Haight
compilations I own. By admission he is really more funky than jazzy, but

What albums, if any, are worth picking up by this artist? Are any still
available and/or been re-released?

Thanks in advance,