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Wed, 13 Sep 1995 18:37:33 -0700 (PDT)

All of these groups listed are included on a French Rap Compilation
called "Jimmy Jay Presente Les Cool Sessions" which is pretty dope.
Menelik's "Un petit rien de jazz," Les Sages Poets' "La rue," are on it
along with songs by Sens Unik, Lucien (who raps in English and French,)
La Funk Mob, Pigale Boom Bass, Moda et Dan, etc... Not featured on the
compilation are IAM, who have their own double disc release out (which by
some standards is not very entertaining) and Alliance Ethnik... As far as
other releases for the groups on the comp., Solaar of course has two
records out: "Qui Seme le Vent..." and "Prose Combat." The most recent
material I have seen from Solaar is a "Nouveau Western EP" which has that
song and other new stuff on it. La Funk Mob is featured along with DJ Cam
on a new Mighty Bop EP called "Mighty Bop meets Dj Cam et la Funk Mob..."
It is worth a checkout. Also, Funk Mob is featured with French rapper EJM
on Mighty Bop's LP. Dopeness. As far as background, Jimmy Jay is Solaar's
DJ/Producer and also Produces a lot of other stuff. He has worked with
Guru and Premier on various projects (including Jazzmatazz.) Solaar has
been rapping since the Planet Mars days in Paris. He claims that his
first songs consisted of him rapping over breakbeats. He is originally
from Senegal. Lucien (originally made famous on ATCQ's "Luck of Lucien,")
has been on Kurious and Beatnuts albums. La Funk Mob has most recently
worked with Bomb the Bass and Justin Warfield, I think. I forget the name
of the track but it is fresh. Well, that is all I can think of now...

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On Wed, 13 Sep 1995, John McNutt wrote:

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> >hullo.
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> >curious to know some background on premier french rap acts: Jimmy Jay, Les
> Sages Poets de la Rue, Boom Bass (of La Funk Mob?), and Menelik. THere work is
> >quite impressive (to me at least) and would like to know more about them as I
> >play them on my radio show (WHPK 88.5 for you Chicagoans) and have nothing to
> >say about them.
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> >any knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
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> >thanks,
> >mRk
> Wish I lived in Chicago to hear your show! All I know about these groups
> is what I read from the MC Solaar liner notes to his albums. Jimmy Jay and
> Pigale Boom Bass both play with and co-write songs with MC Solaar. I have not
> heard of Les Sages Poets and Menelik except that they rap with Solaar on
> L'NMIACCd'HTCK72KPDP. I myself would like to know more about these groups.
> Do they have sounds similar to Solaar? Other groups that I have heard of
> are I AM and Sens Unik, though i do not know what their music is like.
> Could you give the labels these groups which you have are on? I'd be very
> interested to get my hands on some copies to check out :)....
> -John
> PS. I have somewhere a copy of a french article about some french rappers,
> tho I don't know who... Ill look for it and post it to the list if it has
> relevent content.
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