Lucien (and the lack of....)

Dino! (
Fri, 15 Sep 1995 22:32:47 +1000

Carlos wrote:

>BTW, Lucien did the french rap on Jazzmatazz Vol.II=B4s "Lifesaver" (does
>someone else likes this song as much as I do?).

Yeah, it's definetly a decent track. Mainly, I'd say, 'cos of Lucien's
input. A few people have said how they liked Lucien and since I really dig
him too here's a wee list (sorry, Billy Connolly's "Tour Of Scotland" is on
in the background,) of all his appearances that I know of. =20

"Jimmy Jay presente 'Les Cool Sessions'" - (Intro) Funky Piano
- From A Town Called Paris
- (Outro) Donkeys

Guest shot on a track on Domino's album (or maybe it was Casual's. =

Last verse in "Lifesaver" on Jazzmatazz II (Laurent! You were right! :-)

And apparently he's on Allance Ethnik's LP (but I've only got two tracks off
that; "Respect" and "L.Original".)

He also does production of the Beatnut's "Ya Don't Stop" and they generally
give him all round props (referring to him as Poppa Lou alot of the time.)

I heard he was going to have an album out earlier this year, but hey,
nothing yet.

It was supposedly called "The Lumberjack" which seems a likely title
considering Lucien's obsession with the Woods (i.e. he's the lumberjack,
chopping up the woods!)

Any other appearances? Any word on the album? Peace out!