Re: Sampler CD: Name suggestion.

Alexees G. Hobson (
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 10:46:08 -0400 (EDT)

> How about something nice and simple? Erm... How's about "Online"? Short
> and sweet. We could have that and then maybe a sentence or something that
> clears up the contents of the disc a bit more clearly. e.g. "Online:
> Restructuing the Metaphysics of a Jazz Thing." (Referring to the t-shirt
> slogan, which i may have misquoted.) Or more simply, "Online: Volume I."

Man, if this wasn't taken already, it would have been totally,
totally suitable for this sampler: Totally Wired. :)

Online has become a popular term and it is very generic. We
need something closer to this list, something that conveys
the AJL community we have become and the AJL music we listen
to. You're right, we need something short and sweet.

> Oh yeah, I'll vouch for Ben on design! It's sure to be phat!
> Dino!

I'd like to help with design too. BTW Dino, "phat" was
executed about a year or so ago by Mo'Wax. :)))

Jazz On,

ps If anyyone says "Netheadz", that person dies. :))