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>When Jovanotti released "Welcome" back in 1990, it was a big
>hit on dancefloors and charts across Europe. But that wasn't
>an acid jazz song, not even a rap song. Is this album you are
>talking about any different? Could you describe it a bit?
> Jazz On,
> Alexees.


well, I don=B4t know the album "welcome" you mentioned above, but the new
album "lorenzo 1994" has definitly nothing to do with dancefloor. It=B4s a
album with many faces - on the one hand you can find excellent Italian rap
music on it (we have already had the dicussion about rap another language
than English) which makes the record interesting - on the other hand there
are a lot of elements from jazz and funk-music on it, even some slow tracks
are on it.=20
Let me correct the sentence I started with - "penzo(?) positivo" is a track
that made it=B4s way through the european discos - so, even some dancefloor=
it -> you might have realized that I like this album very much - hope you
got an impression now!!!!

a question to the list: maceo parker=B4s latest album "maceo" is labled as a
soundtrack for a film about his life - anybody heard something about it???

keep on groovin=B4

so long

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