Re: FW: TJ Kirk

Jonathan Hurwitz (
Fri, 22 Sep 1995 09:07:39 -0700

Actually, this rumor is completely true, as an SF resident I saw them play
under this name (I think....)

- Jonathan

>Just adding my 0.02 to this, I heard a wacky kooky rumor which may have no
>basis that they were originally called James T. Kirk until Paramount
>threatened to sue for "Star Trek" infringement. Which then leaves me
>wondering if Karen Black ever sued the band Karen Black for taking her
>actual name which she uses a lot more often than say, any fictional
>Victor E. and all the gang from Inviolate...
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>From: list-relay
>To: acid-jazz; Keith
>Subject: RE: TJ Kirk
>Date: Thursday, September 21, 1995 8:22AM
>TJ Kirk is that grup with Charlie Hunter and two other guitarists. They
>music by Thelonius Monk (thus the "T"), James Brown (the "J"), and Rahsaan
>Roland Kirk (the "Kirk"), they're supposed to have an album out on Warners
> --Jon
>Does anyone know anything about a group/person called TJ Kirk? They/he are
>playing a local jazz club and are being billed as "acid jazz." Also, I saw
>Money Mark's record the other day so it has finally been released; does
>have it yet?
> -Keith