re:TJ Kirk

Jeremy B Hollister (
Fri, 22 Sep 1995 12:13:17 -0500 (EDT)

Hey Keith and all,
TJ Kirk is the newest band lead by Charlie Hunter out of San Fran,
It is definately good listening. The name itself comes from the Greats:
Thelonious Monk T
James Brown J

Rashaan Roland KIrk K

The band does funked out guitar covers of these musicians compisitions.
Tou can check out other Charlie Hunter stuff on Prawn Song and the
Compilation Up and Down Club Sessions and I think that Ubiquity has done
some work with them on there ...Cookin' compilations. Also Charle Hunter
Trio has their own full length Album out but I am spacing what label it
is on.

So check 'em out!!

-- Jeremy B. Hollister
Computer Artist/Designer