CD names and San Diego Trivia

Teresa Wilmott (
Fri, 22 Sep 1995 15:07:57 -0700

I have no musical contribution to add to the CD whatsoever, but here's
what I think about the name:

A List is very good. I especially like the contrast with B list that someone
just pointed out.

The whole @ thing is confusing me. I vote no on that idea.

I don't dig the variations on the unsub title, either, for the main reason
that I usually feel a wee bit of annoyance when I see that word.

Donald Byrd, Guru, and Jazzmatazz are playing at the Belly Up in San Diego,
California at the end of the month (the 29th) with some female vocalist that
I've never heard of. For those of you in San Diego, could you check your Reader
and tell me who she is (I forgot the name or I'd just ask the list). But... I
may not go anyway because I may be in the the Washington State/Canada area for
that week checking out grad schools and the Greyboy Allstar's tour. I'll fill
you in on more details when I get them.

DJ/producer Greyboy has a song in next Quientin Turentino movie AND he just
finished negotiating for space on the movie soundtrack. He's pretty happy. This
isn't exactly an insider tip, as it was just published in a local rag that came
out today.

Teresa Wilmott.

ps - I vote a big "yes" on the super cheesey title idea.