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Ben List (
Wed, 27 Sep 1995 15:38:28 +0900

At 8:57 PM 95.9.26 +0000, Peter Szymczak wrote:
>I mean no disrespect to Ben List, as everyone speaks incredibly highly of
>his design talents, but there are other designers on this list (ME!) who
>would like to take a crack at the cover, too. So...

I'm not so attached to the idea of doing the cover that I care to
keep other folks out of the process. On the other hand, I'd prefer
not creating some kind of a situation where five or six people do
their damnedest to create their own designs and only one gets chosen
(unlike the music itself, multiple participation in the design is
difficult). I've been stressing unique concept in my design work
recently. Here's one for this CD:

the format will depend on the potential number of participants.
To my knowledge, the only people to have expressed interest in
designing the cover are myself, Peter, and Alexees. In this case,
a plausible solution would be to have each individual design their
own cover. Each cover design would be printed on a foldover panel
of an A3 (or 11x17) color copied piece of paper. The remaining
fourth panel could be left over for liner notes, which could be
laid out by a volunteer among the three, or potential fourth applicant.
(this person could also be responsible for the back cover). The
CD would be shipped with the liner notes page facing out (this
actually could be very cool), and the other three designs inside.
Buyers of the disk could simply choose and utilize their favorite
cover and switch on a whim. Another possibility for four designers
would be a similar format with the liner notes instead printed on
the back of this sheet in B&W, and a four panelled color copy with
four designs on the front.

>I'd like to suggest something along the lines of what the IDM list did with
>their project, _Threadz_. One very cool member of the list developed a web
>site which detailed the progress of the project. Cover submission graphics
>were uploaded and people voted on their favorite designs. The same could be
>done for the names, soundbites of tracks, etc.
Frankly this is a technical impossibility in my case.

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