Sampler CD (again)

jrp (
Wed, 27 Sep 95 17:16:56 BST

If anyone sent me any important messages about the sampler on Wednesday
or Thursday please could you send them again to my personal address rather
than the list? In wading through all the messages today I noticed references
to a few that I didn't see. I tried to get them back from the old mail server
but it was too late ... it's probably on the back of a lorry somewhere between
Godalming and Southampton now.

I'm still catching up with stuff so I apologise if you're expecting a reply
and not received it yet.


PS - I've had a few people say that they would prefer vinyl copies. I know
a place that will do small quantities of vinyl (50-100) but it's not cheap.
If everyone that expressed an interest in getting a copy would be happy with
vinyl then it might be a viable proposition but I suspect there are quite a
few non DJ's who would rather have CD's. It also costs almost twice as much
to mail vinyl from the UK. If you have strong feelings either way could you
send me personal email. I don't want to clog up the list.

I would also add that I don't think we could run to doing sleeves on a small
project like this but we could add a paper insert to the records with some
artwork and liner notes.

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