Money Mark - don't believe the hype

Patrick Mund (
Wed, 27 Sep 95 17:35:58 +0100

Four weeks ago I picked up the Money Mark album at Honest Jons
in London. It was brand new and, after having listened to his
previous releases on Mo Wax, my expectations were quite high.
But, and this will probably offend some of the Money Mark afficionados
on this list, in my opinion the album is a rip-off and one of the
most disappointing releases on Mo Wax so far. It is neither innovative
nor musically demanding. Sometimes it starts to get funky, but none of
the 19 tracks is longer than two or three minutes and everything is over
before you get hooked. Anyway, most of the tracks are mere album fillers.
The few good tracks had either been released before (e.g. Cry, Insects
all around us) or would have fitted nicely on another 7".
Listen to it and make up your own mind (but listen BEFORE you buy it)!
--- Patrick.