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Fischbarg, Victor (fischbav@moodys.com)
Thu, 28 Sep 95 15:17:00 EDT

Specifically to about ten of you, including J below, who wrote me for more
info on my upcoming Acid Jazz Night which is indeed including BFE, yet who
did not receive a reply, the reason I have not been able to reply is that
nowhere in the body of your messages to me did you clearly state your
e-address! My server does not automatically detect the senders' addresses;
my apologies.

FYI - it's happening at Tramps on Saturday. I'll still write y'all back
before then if you'd like - the more of you I get to meet there the

As for what *I* think about BFE, I wouldn't be doing the show if I didn't
love them live...and as far as the CD goes - check out "Creator has a Master
Plan" - what's not to love? Just a guess: what may have rubbed some of you
the wrong way about the CD might have been that they weren't trying to
completely funk until the ceiling came down, but were going for more of a
"concept" album. The album, IMHO, has a holistic approach that
quintessentially screams out NEW YORK. What people may forget, especially
those of you coming from a British acid-jazz-as-ambient-atmosphere
perspective, is that walking down the street in New York you get bombarded
by so many sounds and cultures that it's no wonder they were incorporated
into the BFE album. So you end up with reggae dub, and mambo beats, as well
as soul songs, all mixed with sounds of travelling the subway around town.
And I think that while this does deserve some credit, it seems inevitable
that it would turn off those looking for a more consistent ambience. Which
is similar to what I just read people say regarding Money Mark as well, no?
Food for thought...

Keeping funk alive,

Victor E. from Inviolate
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>>So, what are you thinking about BFEssentials, fellow acidjazz -
>>listeners..I've heard a couple of tunes and I like them very much..

>What does eveyone else think?

I dunno about the album but their playing in NYC at the
e-mail to fischbav@moodys.com for details (he hasnt let me know where yet!)

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