Re: PBS Rock and Roll

Jonathan Hurwitz (
Thu, 28 Sep 1995 15:42:40 -0700

That is why the series is called "Rock and Roll." Not "Funk". I think the
series is fantastic so far, I am surprised the went so in depth into Funk
in the first place. Great classic footage - James Brown in a pant suit and
a natural! Check it out if you can...


>Last night, one hour of the 10 hr series "rock and roll" was on early 70's
>funk. Did anyone catch it? They began with James Brown, then Sly and the
>Family Stone, and then spent about 30 minutes on Parlament-Funkadelic and a
>few minutes on disco. I was disappointed that some of the best funk of
>that era wasn't even mentioned. Overall, the show left me a little flat.