Re: UFO - The Planet Plan/Mission Impossible

Fri, 31 Oct 1997 14:22:12 -0800

For what it's worth, this is the e.p. I was referring to. Whatever the
history and basis (loose or otherwise) for The Planet Plan, to clarify they
actually did Mission Impossible itself (though not in a straight forward way
of course!). I certainly can't comment on which track (if any) was recorded
for the film, but either way there is evidence that The Planet Plan is not
Mission Impossible in disguise (though perhaps in spirit since they are on the
same ep). Also note, "possible demo" is what is specified as the "mix" title
on the ep itself, and not my personal opinion regarding this topic!

THE PLANET PLAN (PHCR-12001; Japan) Sept. 1996
1 The Planet Plan 4.37
2 Mission: Impossible (possible demo) 3.31 (song writing is credited to
Lalo on this one only)
3 Moondance (hip sensibility mutates mix by men from u.n.c.l.e.) 8.50


Mark Conklin wrote:

> I had heard on NPR that UFO had done a version of Mission Impossible, but
> it wasn't released on the soundtrack so UFO based "Project Plan" on that
> tune. I posted this info to the list, but had no way to back it up my
> comments and some of you refused to believe. Just a quick note to let you
> non-believers know that you were wrong. Dead wrong suckers!
> This is from the Antilles/UFO site. The site also has a real audio sample
> for those of you who wanted to hear UFO. The address is
> "The answer was a trip to outer space, via their single The Planet Plan
> (1996). Loosely based on Lalo Schifrin's classic theme from Mission
> Impossible, it was originally intended for inclusion on the soundtrack for
> the film; although it was not used for the movie, it was too good not to
> release."
> (Just kidding about the gloating BTW).
> MC