Re: who is Carlinhos Brown?/Bahia Black

Maggie Mortensen (
Fri, 31 Oct 1997 18:08:21 -0600

> I heard this fellows name for the first time last week...then I read it
> again today. Who is he and what has he done?

Carlinhos Brown is a fabulous Brazilian percussionist, probably most
famous as being the founder of the Bahian bloco-afro Timbalada. He's
simply incredible, and has also performed extensively with other
Northern Brazilian (Bahian) artists like Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso,
Gal Costa, etc.

He has one solo album out which would be almost guaranteed to appeal
to the readers of this list: it's called Alfagamabetizado, came out
in May of this year, and was recorded in France on the Metro Blue
label. Top-shelf guests on the record include Gil, Veloso, Maria
Bethania, Gal Costa, etc.

It's a stupefying album. Brown is so multi-talented and adventurous,
he's like the Brazilian version of Prince -- but jazzier.

The online CD store CD Universe had quite a few sound clips from the
album up. My personal favorite is "Covered Saints", but any would be
worth sampling.

There's another great album of this style of music featuring big-name
Brazilian artists and using Brown on percussion called "Bahia Black",
I think only available as an import.


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