RE: X-Men

5th Wonder (
Sat, 01 Nov 97 05:30:04 PST

Not much has been said about this album. I have to agree, it's slammin'.
It's also got cuts from the Battle Sounds documentary. New voices on the
microphones. Pure New York cuttin' and scratchin'. Classic breakin' music
for folks in Detroit (as I've seen already). Roc Raida and Rob Swift really
stand out on this disc.

I heard Swift put out an album but I haven't found it in these bins. I have
cuts on both Return of the DJs with Swift and Raida but I can never find
any other stuff by them...

> Date: Saturday, September 27, 1997 21:29:51
> From: Scott Tennent
> To: acid jazz
> Subject: x-ecutioners!
> the new X-Ecutioners full length is AWESOME!!!!
> these are the X-Men, for those of you who didnt hear that Marvel COmics
> told them to change their name.
> simply put: amazing. amazing. amazing.
> on a side note...didnt rob swift put out a solo album? I think it was rob
> swift. maybe Im mixed up. the first song on the album was an extended
> sample from "Mr. Hollands Opus". this sound familiar to anyone?
> scott