More Brazilian recommendations

Maggie Mortensen (
Sat, 01 Nov 1997 14:48:50 -0600

Two more that I didn't see mentioned in the recent recommendations,
and which I think most a-j fans would love: Chico Science, and Tony
Molla & Bragada.

Both incorporate a lot of hiphop rhythms and sampling into the highly
percussive sound of the bloco-afro bands like Olodum, Timbalada and
Ile Aye. Molla in fact was a breakout artist from the Timbalada

Oh, and how could I forget the gorgeous female vocalist Daude?
(Pronounced dah-OOD-jay, if you're asking at the record store.) I
wasn't nuts about all of her debut album from earlier this year, but
an awful lot of other people were, and I did like her injection of rap
and sampling into the bossa and samba beats.


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