Re: Chico Debarge

Tony Reid (
25 Oct 97 23:28:04 -0800

RO> Dear List;
RO> While you are waiting for D'angelo you may want to get chico
RO> debarge's Cd . I saw him on Bet's Planet Groove . He copped D's steelo
RO> and PULLED IT OFF wITH CLass . Which always gets props from me!
RO> "If Its good thats all that counts". -Billboard magazine(every week)

that's cool, and i wish chico well--good to see him back--but the gem outta
that whole family (debarge) was always el. when i met lee ritenour (famous
session guitarist, member of 4play) i thanked him for bringing back el
debarge--check out their remake of marvin gaye's "i want you" (it's on the
2nd 4play album, and on el's solo record w/a title that's escaped me).