How to unsubscribe (+ FAQ)

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This is an automatically sent message to the
mailing list. It contains a small 'netiquette' for proper net
behaviour, plus information about how to unsubscribe.

How to unsubscribe
To unsubscribe from the mailing list, send a
mail like this:

Subject: no subject needed
unsub User@Your.Domain.Name acid-jazz

NOTE: The unsub mail address is Do not post to the
mailing list itself!

Don't post to the list for help with
techniqual problems, like bouncing e-mail or
undeliverable mail.
Contact the proper source for help; for
problems regarding the mailing list itself,
contact the list admin:

Archives and digest
All mail on the mailing list is archived at:

There's a (beta) digest version available. For
more information send a post like this:

Subject: no subject needed
info aj-digest

Unsolicited advertising which is completely
off-topic is not welcome on the list. If in
any doubt, ask the list admin first!

This is an *acid jazz* mailing list, and the
posts should be restricted to this subject.
Naturally, over time list members get
familiar with each other and there is
certainly room for an occational off-topic
post now and then.

Clearly, acid jazz is about many things, and
many realted topics can be of interest; e.g.
the origin of various music styles, turntables
and samplers, the state of jazz today,
different sources of music information, etc.

Before posting
Read the mailing list for a while before you
post anything. This helps you to get an
understanding of the culture and the tone
of the group.

Before replying
In general, it's a good idea to at least
check all your mail subject lines before
responding to a message. Someone might
already have answered the question, and
having multiple answers to the same
question is usually a waste of time and
Don't reply unless you really have
something to say which is relevant for the
discussion and all list members. Just saying
"me too", or "that's funny" is considered

Including old mails
Be brief without being overly terse. When
replying to a message, include enough
original material to be understood but no
It is *extremely* bad form to simply reply to
a message by including all of the previous
message! Edit out all the irrelevant

Be conservative in what you send and
liberal in what you receive.
This means you should avoid sending
attachments and other types of data which
require something special by the users.
This is admittely very limiting and, in these
modern days, not really necessary - because
there usually exists another way to do the
same thing.

A lot of mail applications have pre-set
(or even incorrect) settings, something
which makes it difficult to follow up and
make a reply. It is a good thing to have the
mail application include a small piece with
contact information (called a signature, or
Make sure the signature contains the
correct information, and that it isn't too
large. It should just state the necessary,
not more.

Acid Jazz is usually about peace and the
struggle against oppression. In that vibe, be
respectful - disagree, but don't slam

Irony, jokes, etc.
E-mail does not carry emotions or
intentions very well. Use symbols for

That *is* what I meant.
Use underscores for underlining. _Acid
Jazz_ is my favorite music.
Use smileys to indicate tone of voice, but
use them sparingly.
:-) is an example of a smiley.
(. I'm the last one on earth to use irony .)

Don't assume that the inclusion of a smiley
will make the recipient happy with what you
say or wipe out an otherwise insulting
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