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Latest Releases - Out Now -

Dogon - "The Sirius Expedition" (NewDog Records)
Orbitronik - "Orbitronik" (World Domination)

Perfume Tree - "Feeler " (World Domination) is currently receiving glowing
reviews. Described variously as, ambient, dub, deep acid and drum and bass
with ethereal vocals, this is a ground-breaking album. Check it out, you
won't be disappointed!

Pimp Daddy Nash - "Private Leftfield Downtempo Fuzz" (Eighth
Dimension/World Domination)
Private Leftfield Downtempo Fuzz epitomizes a new downtempo,
electronic, leftfield movement that draws upon many eclectic influences
in dance music. Like peers and influences such as Howie B., Fila
Brazilia, and DJ Shadow, Pimp Daddy Nash creates moods for the dance
floor as well as tough beats. Discerning DJs and listeners alike are
embracing this innovative style of beatology and are already familiar
with Pimp Daddy Nash. Expect a smooth sonic cocktail of downtempo, acid
jazz, classic lounge, and a bit of trip hop that will excite fans and
listeners for many releases to come. (Thank you Q-Burns Abstract Message
for those kind words!)

The Critical Massive Presents - The Sound of (r)Evolution

This cd features previously un-released cuts from Fluke, Luke Slater, Roni
Size, Kid Loops, Deadstock, Apollo Four Forty, Nicolette, A Guy Called
Gerald feat Finlay Quaye, Spooky, Mouse on Mars, Dreadzone, Dub Pistols,
Rob & Goldie (Underworld remix) and Speedy J.

While Fluke first gained notice in the U.S. In 1997 with "Atom Bomb," they
have in fact existed as a group since the late eighties. "Bullet" is taken
from their third album, OTO. Though released as a Fluke album, it is
actually a full collaboration with Barry Andrews, whom many will know as a
founding member of XTC and Shriekback and who was also a member of Robert
Fripp's League of Gentlemen. "Bullet" incorporates dreamy and organic
sounding electronics, dub influenced treatments, syncopated percussion and
cymbals, growling vocals, and toward the latter half after a beatless
passage, a Giorgio Moroder style melody reminiscent of "I Feel Love."
Previously unreleased in the U.S. Luke Slater has been producing
electronic dance music since the end of the eighties."Freek Funk," the
title track from the late 1997 album of the same name, represents his most
varied and ambitious work to date. This version, taken from the single, is
a driving force with an uptempo breakbeat, a sustained and overlapping
choral sound, and a disorienting frequency meltdown not found on the album
version. Freek Funk, the album has been universally praised by both the
British and American press.
Roni Size has been fast and furious at work since his first EP Made
To Fit was released in 1993. He has released many singles on both his and
DJ Krust's own label, Full Cycle, as well as on V Recordings. Size has also
remixed Nicolette, NuYorican Soul, and Basement Jaxx among others while his
collective, Reprazent won Britain's Mercury prize.for New Forms. "Soul
Power" is a techno influenced drum 'n' bass stormer that can not only
devastate a dancefloor but also make the successful leap to the car and the
living room. "Soul Power" has been available as a British 12" single only.
Kid Loops, is a drum 'n' bass artist who boldly exhibits his love
of hip hop. He released Timequake in 1997, considered by most to be one of
the best drum 'n' bass albums of the year. There is a very musical and
melodic quality to his work, and nowhere is this combination of melody and
his love of hip hop more explicit than on his outstanding cover version of
Eric B and Rakim's "Microphone Fiend." Previously available only as an
Deadstock is one of those acts that slipped through the cracks
without anyone noticing."Nobody" is a downtempo loper with a paranoid vocal
and a monster kick drum, and was previously available only as an import.

Apollo Four Forty gained more notoriety for remixes of other
peoples work than for their own. That was, of course, before their release
of "Ain't Talkin 'Bout Dub" and "Krupa." The album Electro Glide In Blue
followed in mid 1997. This version of "Raw Power" is taken from the import
single and remixed by Matthew Roberts into a four-to-the-floor stomper.
Nicolette released her first album in 1992 with Shut Up and Dance.
In 1994 she contributed vocals to Massive Attack's Protection album
including the first single and shining moment "Sly." In 1996 she released
her second album and commissioned Plaid and Alec Empire as musical
collaborators and 1997 saw Nicolette release her take on a "DJ Mix" album.
"All Day" is a teamup with Plaid, two former members of the highly regarded
and influential trio The Black Dog. Nicolette is very much her own entity.
One listen will surely give the impression that her voice is otherworldly,
as I might add, is the musical accompaniment on this track.
A Guy Called Gerald has been around since the current wave of dance
music first began. In 1988 he released possibly the first British acid
house track, "Voodoo Ray." He also co-wrote the anthem "Pacific State"
released in 1989 by 808 State, whom he had at one point been a member of.
The 1995 album, Black Secret Technology was a landmark album and contained
a rhythmic intricacy and sound unheard on any album before or since.
"Finleys Rainbow" is taken from this album and includes a reggae soaked
vocal contribution from Finley Quaye. The track combines the lyrics of
Quaye and Bob Marley. Previously available only as an import.
Spooky is an act that remains relatively unknown in the United
States. Their first album Gargantuan. released in 1993, spawned four
singles including the chart hit, "Schmoo." The second album, Found Sound,
was released in 1996 and took a severe turn into experimental electronic
territory. "Fingerbobs" is taken from the album and proves that the most
mechanical sounds and rhythms can breathe emotion and beauty. For fans of
the Aphex Twin's early ambient works and Orbital's best melodic moments,
this track is a must. Previously available only as an import.
Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner make up the Cologne, Germany based duo
Mouse On Mars, who have released three full albums, a vinyl only mini LP,
and a handfull of singles. Andi Toma recorded and co-produced, along with
Stereolab, three tracks on their recent Dots and Loops album. Both members
contributed instrumentation to the album as well and in addition to this,
Mouse On Mars toured as the opening act for Stereolab's late 1997 U.S.
tour. Also in 1997, the two were involved in a collaboration with
ex-Kraftwerk member Wolfgang Flr that was released under the name Yamo.
The track featured here, "Lazergum," is taken from the EP Cache Coeur Naf
and features a seductive vocal contribution from Stereolab vocalist
Laetitia Sadier.
Dreadzone features one time Big Audio Dynamite members Greg Roberts
and Dan Donovan. They have released three albums since 1993 with a sound
that is heavily influenced by techno, reggae, international music, and
film soundtracks. The track, "Moving on" is taken from the most recent
album Biological Radio This remixed version is a radical reworking
retaining seemingly one small bit of sound from the original. With a hard
as nails kick drum to start things off, an earth shaking bassline,
processed rolling percussion, wild panning effects, minimal vocals from
ADF's Master D, small doses of perfectly timed and placed Indian
instrumentation, and a swift tempo change, this track is an uncaged beast.
Previously available only as an import.
Dub Pistols is essentially one man, Barry Ashworth. "Anarchy" is
taken from the second Dub Pistols release, The Westway E.P., and is the
most fierce track unleashed under the Dub Pistols moniker. Pounding uptempo
breaks, a thundering bassline, gritty electronics, and a tweaked and
distorted guitar loop make this one not for the faint of heart. More
involved and more ominous that most breakbeat tracks, "Anarchy will tear up
a dancefloor and is a fascinating listen off the dancefloor as well.
Previously available as an import single only.
Rob & Goldie released "The Shadow" in 1997. For those who do not
know, Rob is Rob Playford, deejay, engineer extraordinaire, and owner of
the very influential and highly regarded Moving Shadow record label.
Goldie, of course, is the man responsible for putting a face on drum 'n'
bass following the release of 1995's Timeless. Remixed by Underworld's Rick
Smith, the track takes on a truly epic quality itself. Beginning with an
eerie computer generated spoken word segment backed by a hauntingly
atmospheric soundscape, the track builds in anticipation while paying very
close detail to every sonic detail until an onslaught of ballistic
breakbeats and deep bass stabs come crashing in. Previously available only
as an import.
Speedy J is one Jochem Paap of Rotterdam, Holland who has released
three albums since 1994. "Fill 17" is taken from the second longplayer, G
Spot, an album made up of lush and beautiful, though sometimes dark,
melodies and textures. Fill 17, beatless and taking its cue from film
scores, is an antidote to the ferocity of " The Shadow." The track closes
the album on a calming and peaceful note, signaling the end of this journey
and sending the listener drifting upward into space. (Thanks to Randy Moore)

Coming Soon -

June 23rd - Sugar Plant "Happy/Trance Mellow" double cd. (World Domination)
Naked Music "NYC" (OM Records)

On Vinyl Soon - Perfume Tree - "Pimp Daddy Nash/ Ian Mac" remixes
Makyo - "Devadasi" - remix

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