Ambersunshower/quickie reviews

Michael Aregood (
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 14:10:00 -0400

thanx for those who were juicing up that Sun Sun release. since the
positive feedback i went back and revisited it and snatched it up...

I just picked up Ambersunshower on Gee Street and if you're into the
sweet female vocals and beats i'd look into it. Some tracks stand out
more than others but the ones that do are great. This a little different
from the usual in that instead of sticking strictly to the r+b sound, a
couple of songs have guitar strumming in them and she does this wierd
Cranberriesesque thing with her voice. Still all dope beats underneath
though...i'm digging it.

Laylow 12" -dope instrumental hip hop (trip hop? :-P) kinda laid
back...anyone know what this is?

Purple Penguin- (forget the Liking it a lot. A lot of female
vocals in this one. If you liked the last one you'll be diggin it. Also
picked up an instrumental 12" from the album that's full of fat beats
that pop your eardrums. total hip hop. Also the Runaways remix one of
the tracks.

Rare Funk: Vol. 1- Yo! this has that Meters track that PE sampled on "yo
bum rush the show". something about an Oldsmobile? 98? bought it just
for this track but the whole record kick serious ass.