Re: Lewis Taylor et al

blackpearl (
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 16:13:22 -0700

Sucka MC wrote:
> What's happened to the
> > likes of Maxwell, D'Angelo?
> Damned shame what happened to EMI's roster when they went under. Did
> D'Angelo sign with someone? I had heard that Virgin pretty much picked up
> all of EMI's superstar talent. Is this true?

I heard the same. Most of the EMI folks went to Virgin....obviously he's
holdin' out.

> As far as Maxwell's album goes, according to the liner notes on his latest
> single, his "full-length mythos" is called Embrya (not Embryo, as someone
> mentioned), and it's due in stores stateside on 30 June. BTW, the first
> single is called "Luxury: Cococure." It's a pretty tune, really funky in
> an understated way.On the Maxwell Appreciators site, they mention that the album is similar
to his first in that it continues to have a theme. This albums theme is