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Eighth Dimension (badmood@earthlink.net)
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 22:56:03 -0400

Hey all...

I'm leaving Orlando tomorrow for an unlikely place: Iceland! I actually
have a gig in Reykjavik this Sunday night. However, the main reason I'm
going is to finish recording my album there... I'm collaborating with some
semi-well-known Icelandic music types on the last two tracks to be
completed for the LP. I'll let you know more about this when I return...

Before I hit home, I'll be passing through New York City. I'll be playing
in NYC Thursday the 11th at the Kung Fu Lounge... this place is located on
14th Street between 9th + 10th, next to the Cooler. There is no cover
charge at this gig and I hear it's a cool venue, so I'd like to see some of
you New Yorkers there. Be sure to say 'howdy'...

Here's a new top 20 chart so you can see some of the tunes I'll be dropping:

Q-Burns Abstract Message
DJ Chart for 6/3/98

01. The Timewriter - Belief EP 12" (Pastic City, Germany)
02. Gus Gus - Barry (Gi Gi Galaxy Remix) 12" (4AD, UK)
03. Attaboy - Solid Space Business EP 12" (Pagan, UK)
04. Aloha Pussycats - Jerry's Disco Breaks EP 12" (Kontraband, UK)
05. Boo Williams - Jew Dan EP 12" (Guidance, US)
06. Doctor Dub - Reach For The Sky 12" (Imperial Dub, US)
07. Second Hand Soul - Summer Nights EP 12" (Glasgow Underground, UK)
08. Weekender - Lost In The Loft 12" (Toko, UK)
09. Larry Heard - Glasgow Connection EP 12" (Distance, France)
10. Sixteen Souls - Strange Girl EP 12" (Alola, UK)
11. Roy Davis Jr. - Rock Shock 12" (Roule, France)
12. DeeJay Punk-Roc - My Beatbox (B.A.D. Dub) 12" (Independiente, UK)
13. Angelheads - Havanna Groove 12" (Transfusion, UK)
14. Alpha Numeric EP 12" (Sonic Soul, US)
15. Pimp Daddy Nash - Year Of THe Pimp EP 12" (Eighth Dimension, US)
16. Samuel Onervas - Fugitive EP Remixes 12" (Primate, UK)
17. SCUBA - Swell 12" (Ovum, US)
18. Carlos Sanchez Movement - Love And Respect 12" (Maxi, US)
19. Chaser - Life In Loisaida 12" (Soma, UK)
20. S-Club - Club Confusion 12" (Suburbia, Germany)


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