Re: Rare funky jazz?

Edgard Beckand (
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 14:53:23 +0200

>How rare are they? What do they soundlike? Do any of you have 'em.

A friend of mine has Afrique (bought it for only $2, he's one of the happy
few) and I taped the album. It's great because it has a heavy funk vibe all
the way through, with some weird keyboards played by Charles Kynard. It
also features a few guitarists but it never get's overdone. Instead they al
play with a heavy wah wah effect so the funk is definitely there. I think
it's like most of the Mainstream releases pretty rare.

24 Karat Black- far as I know it's reissued on cd only by ACE
(stax)(see so if you're looking for
wax it's still sucks. As noted before on the list, this one is also pretty
difficult to find.

Good luck!!

Olskool Ed
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