RE: JB's Funky Divas

Roger Sherwood (
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 11:33:26 +0200

[Roger Sherwood] On the subject of James Brown, I've recently
moved to France where I keep seeing multiple copies of 'Motherlode' on
CD for around $15.00 (10 quid)....if this excites you as much as it did
me, drop me a mail and I'll give you more info.


> >[Justin Small]
> >Ah! Funky Divas. Looks like one hell of a collection. Unfortunately
> for us in
> >the UK it's on import and pretty expensive, around 40 quid. I must
> purchase
> >this though, as the only real taste of the soul sisters is courtesy
> of JB's
> >Funky People, and as for the Lynn Collins stuff, all her albums seem
> to be
> >reissued on vinyl and not cd! Is this really the case?
> >
> >Now for the real deal: anybody heard JAMES BROWN'S FUNKY
> >DIVAS on Polydor?
> >