Fredrique Galliano

Michael Aregood (
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 11:20:24 -0400

Hello all. just wanted to post a quick review about a record from last
year i just picked up. It's called Fredrique Galliano. (I wouldn't be
surprised if there was a thread about him that i slept through but
anyway, here goes..)

I guess i would call it experimental electronica but all (mostly) of the
sounds are generated from instruments so it probably passes as jazz sans
the acid, to the passive observer. (piano, sax, trumpet, xylophone,
flute, digeradoo etc.) Lovely compositions that remind me somewhat of a
RedHot on Impulse vibe (Pharaoh Sanders and Alice Coltrane) but then the
dope beats kick in. This stuff is multilayered and complex and a lot of
times there is no beat. A good example of this is the third track. It's
a beautiful composition with a xylophone, subtle piano, bass, and a
gentle flute flowing slowly overtop (for all you flute fiends)
Absolutely gorgeous. All of it's real laid back. Highly, highly
recommended! Sorry i forget the LP title off the top...

can anyone help me out with more info on this? other releases?


PS. Dub Spot is a great example of a store that categorizes things in a
way that makes the experience much easier. I don't feel like i've
overlooked anything walking out of there. Plus they got all the fly
joints and that helps...=)