Re: MTV sucks!!!!
Sat, 06 Jun 1998 18:14:21 -0500 (CDT)

You know, I like the Puffy/Page song. It's okay except for Puffy's rap.
I'm getting damn tired of rhymes with "cat" to "mat" I must say. Ima

On Sat, 6 Jun 1998, Tunde wrote:

> I dont know if you have the box, but ive found, that you are probably
> better off watching the box for videos. A goo dnumber of trimes you get
> regularly crap,but its probably the only music video channel in my area
> where you can see cool videos during the day. Today i saw broken homes
> Tricky, hunter Bjork, and life in Mono during theday , garbage push it,
> the kind of videos that should be on.. Not Cleopatra, and hanson!!!
> Though to be honest, I think it was a good idea that Puffy and Page met.
> I think the song was a good try.
> On Fri, 5 Jun 1998, Rick Martinez wrote:
> > I don't really pay attention to that type of media. But today I saw that
> > horrendous Puffdaddy w/ jimmy page video. That's what you get when a
> > loser artist sells his soul to the devil, SAD!!!
> > His music sucked when he first did Notorious BIG production,. There's no
> > substance or soulful groove to it. It seems MTV is continuing to push
> > (c)rap down the viewers throats instead of real hip hop (Gangstarr,
> > Jeru, Rakim, KRS-one, Tribe, De La soul, Pharcyde, Company Flow, Roots,
> > Goodie Mob, Mosdef, DJ Shadow, Mood, etc.) You got the picture!!!
> > I did see the "Brown Paper Bag" and "Watching Windows" by Roni Size's
> > Reprazent. that was only once or twice in a sea of mediocrity. People
> > like Roni Size, Massive Attack, Portishead, Maxwell, Jamiroquai,etc. are
> > to good for MTV. There should be an XTV, that plays excellent music
> > 24-7, with no filler (12 angry viewers, mtv Jams)! I'd watch X-TV!!!
> > Does anyone agree?
> >

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