Can't Get Enough

From: B. Allison (
Date: Sun Oct 01 2000 - 22:48:28 MET DST

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       So lately I've been heavily listening to anything
    with a latin, brazilian, indian and/or afro-cuban
       Love Nitin Sawhney's album, can't stop playing
    stuff by Up, Bustle & Out, have quickly wore out Da
    Lata's LP, been rockin Evoca, Les Gammas on heavy
    rotation. And just recently, copped an MP3 of Tabla
    Beat Science's "Palmistry." (speaking of which,
    someone told me TBS is Talvin Singh, Bill Laswell and
    a few others -- is that true?)
       But the problem is, my appetite is too big and my
    knowledge is too small. Hopefully some nice person out
    there will clue me in to some other stuff along this


    np: Pressure Drop, "Got To Be For Real (Attica Blues
    vocal mix)"

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