l.a.: t-bird gig on monday 10/9

From: t bird (djt_bird@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 11:37:58 MET DST

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    thanks to everyone that came out on thursday night!!
    you helped make the night a success--the owner was
    *very* happy! there will be a t-bird night @ 14 below
    that will be all dj, no bands! i'll let you know more
    as the
    information makes itself availible.

    this monday i will be at 360 restaurant & lounge
    (sunset & vine) in hollywood. the night is called
    "lingo", and will
    be a spoken word thing to begin with and then me
    rocking tunes later. for more info check this url:
    (www.geocities.com/stereotypesdjs/lingo.jpg). i will
    probably be on the beatier/hiphop-ish vibe monday.



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