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Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 19:11:13 MET DST

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    Keyser & Shuriken - newsletter #35: Kultur ist Widerstand

    Newsflash 6.10.2000

    Dear friends,

    We had a fantastic weekend: on Friday we played some chilled-out tunes at
    the Frankhegy festival (you can find a lot of beautiful pictures here:

    Next day we travelled with the Yonderboi Quintet and their manager to
    Vienna, where we held our residency in WUK for the first time. Budapest and
    Vienna got connected: the "sssupperstrange" people (copyright by Vlado
    Dzihan) danced from the start till the very end. The young talents did a
    superb concert and they also moved the audience even with the downtempo
    stuff. Afterwards dZihan & Kamien played a smooth set, too. And we stayed
    at Flow, who runs the label Twentysomething Tunes and the project Enduro
    with his friend Hannes. Why do we tell this?

    Because sometimes reality is stranger than any novels. Read this latest
    email from our friend, Alan Brown:

    "waiting at the bus stop for a night bus! 2.15 in the morning!
    me and nik weston from mukatsku/universal island.
    american girl asks if this bus goes to south kensington!
    'yes it does' comes our reply!
    she asks if we dj! she notices the luggage! 'we do' we reply!
    on the bus she tells us about her boyfriend in vienna!
    'do you know twenty something tunes' !
    i look her in the eye and say 'flow'
    her mouth drops open!

    yeah its a small world guys! better behave!
    she tells us about tom from les gammas
    yonderboi and keyser and shuriken
    the rest of the crew!

    yes in london we know these guys and what awesome music they make!
    and yes get the bus home! you just might bump into a family member!

    peace from london
    alan and nik"

    Thanks for the kind words!

    Keep on taking the bus till next week!

    Keyser & Shuriken

    PS: BIG UP to the people in Serbia who finally have stood up for their


    Tilos Radio (
    Kristalykert (Crystal Garden - 4.10.2000) - DJs: Keyser, Lee'n'gum, Gonnok


    Hi-fi: <>

    1. Butti 49 - Brasilikum (Tokyo)
    2. 4Hero - Naima (2000black)
    3. New Sector Movements - Para (Virgin)
    4. Slow Supreme - Granada (Jazid)
    5. Snowboy - Casa Forte (Pathless remix) (Ubiquity)
    6. Plutonia - Forever (Visions)
    7. Pavel Kostiuk - Brand New Day (2000black)
    8. Roby J.C. Project - Bossa Supernova (Surabaya Music)
    9. Salvador Group - Crosswinds (Compost)
    10. Soul 'N' Soda - Mokkascience (Stereo Deluxe)
    11. dZihan & Kamien - ? (Couch)
    12. Feature Cast - Composing Blindap (Catskills)
    13. The Illdependents - Innacitytears (Compost)
    14. Moodorama - Mango Mongo (Stereo Deluxe)
    15. Antibalas - Si si puede (Afro Sounds)
    16. Tim Love Lee - Superrappin No. 5. (Peace Feast)
    17. Hidden Agenda - Something Somewhere (Straight Ahead)
    18. Midnight Special - The Midnight Special (Out of The Loop)
    19. Thievery Corporation - The Hong Kong Triad (ESL)
    20. Stereo MC's - Fever (Sleve Millage remix) (Ocho)
    21. dZihan & Kamien - Dabudei (Couch)
    22. Fat Maisonics - Lodge (Elfcut)
    23. Sofa Surfers - Container/The Low Rider Meltdown (Enduro remix) (Klein)
    24. Jazzanova - Bohemian Sunset (JCR)
    25. Yonderboi - Road Movie (Virgacs "Hitchhike Widescreen" remix) (UGAR)
    26. Organic Grooves - Cyber-Christ-Electro-Messiah (Codek)
    27. WLF - First Man on the Moon (Csoko Matine remix) (Twentysomething
    28. Euphoria - Delirium (Fila Brazillia remix) (Twentythree)
    29. Jaffa - Elevator (Herbaliser remix) (Stereo Deluxe)

    ...and the music flows on and on...

    Tour dates:

    20.10. Munich (D), Into Somethin' (
    21.10. Pfarrkirchen (D), Bogaloo (
    5.11. Zagreb (CR), Aquarius (
    11.11. Budapest, Sziget Events Hall: FREEE 5. Birthday Party

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