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Date: Sat Oct 07 2000 - 04:33:34 MET DST

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    Well for what it's worth I don't mind playlists that much. 99% of the gig
    postings don't apply to me so I could live without them...I'd definitely
    appreciate the city being listed in the subject line. In general though it
    seems like people haven't had a lot to talk about...I don't know that
    there's THAT much spam, but given the lack of real conversation it sure
    SEEMS like a lot. I try not to post too much and in most cases I'd rather
    reply to a question or thread than start one (perhaps so I don't come across
    as a spammer). Well that's my two cents.

    On a completely different tip I'd like to invite anyone attending CMJ in NY
    later this month to drop by my panel on Sat (Oct 21) and say Hi. The panel
    is all about "fringe" dance music and I'm sure the music we talk about here
    will play a big part in the discussion. The other panelists include Rob from
    Guidance, Kiri from Om, Tomas from XLR8R magazine, Lisa Shaw, DJ Ray
    Velasquez, and Makoto from Dubspot Records in NYC.

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      heya all,
      I feel as though I should respond since I'm one of the people who posts
    playlists to this list fairly regularly. I've been on the aj list for three
    plus years, posting more regularly during some periods than others (we all
    know how time stuff goes). In that time, like Leslie and I'm sure many of
    you, I've sought out and picked up many brilliant records that I may have
    otherwise overlooked. We've all also seen some great, and some not so great,
    threads of discussion take place here. What blows me away about this list in
    particular though, very much as opposed to many other lists out there, is
    the passion as well as the knowledge found here. For me, part of this is
    found in and reflected by the playlists and charts that people post. If I
    notice that a track or album has popped up on a few people's playlists, I'll
    hunt it down the same as I would had there been a thread related to it. How
    'bout all of you?

      It's funny, I was writing to Mark Turner the other day that I appreciate
    his private responses to my playlists posted here 'cause I was feeling a
    trifle guilty that I don't have the time of late to post on many other
    topics, even when I'd like to. I'm aware that some of you might not be as
    interested in playlists as others, but there do seem to be an awful lot of
    people who are interested, myself included.

      I very much agree that 'Earn 50K' and other obvious spam has no place here
    (hit delete). I also strongly agree that we should post cities in our
    subject headings when writing about our respective events/gigs. But I do
    think playlists are an important part of this (for the most part)
    underground culture. It's a way to spread the word about music, straight up.
    What do other people think? Is it time to do a list poll on posting

      'nuff for now. I'm curious to hear responses. In the meantime, thanks
    again Erik for the work you put in to maintaining such a rockin' list.

      - denise benson -

      "Leslie N. Shill" wrote:

        What on earth are you complaining about? I have thoroughly enjoyed this
    list, I have been treated to great leads musically, I have had the
    opportunity to communicate with fellow DJ's (thank you Steph and shouts to
    you all, you know who you are!), I have made friends and great people, the
    complaints are really unfounded, and although occasionally there has been
    some very silly stuff, that is part of life as well and it's OK Leslie/The
    Power of Sound/KAZU 90.3 FM
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              i agree i am very annoyed too....sometimes i think about leaving,
              playlists are annoying to me too..

              The playlists from various radio
              shows I don't mind. But can someone please explain to
              me why this list has become a junk pile?
                Erik, you gonna shot at shuttin it down?


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