Some Thoughts about the Recent Discussion

From: Nathaniel Rahav (
Date: Sat Oct 07 2000 - 18:58:36 MET DST

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    Hi All,

    I too have been guilty of sending more event listings than contributions
    about music. But I believe that most of the people who are sending out
    playlists and event listings are long time list members whose devotion to
    music is now being realized in forms that are less 'talking about it' and
    more 'doing it', and I am happy to see them share that with me.

    That being said, I have embarked upon the road of making a business out of
    the music I love, and I am learning rapidly how interdependent the whole
    thing is.
    In our little world, the network of people who love our kind of music -
    the music discussed on this list - is so small, that it is important for
    us to know what others are doing around the world.
    Here is one example: Our record label was recently offered a distribution
    deal in Canada. I knew nothing about them, but remembered Denise Benson,
    whose playlists and event listings indicated to me that she's very
    involved in the music scene in Toronto. So I asked her about this
    distributor, and her answer helped us decide to accept the agreement.
    The other thing to keep in mind is that most of this music comes to us
    from independent labels like mine, who dont have big advertising budgets
    and massive promotion campaigns. So the way in which they get to you is
    through connections, word of mouth, and very grassroots methods. And I
    dont think the content of this list has been compromised.

    That being said, here are some things that are rocking my world:

    Digital Bled - Caravana - not new, but still just SO FAT. Dubby, middle
    eastern beats.

    Art Konik - Ming Park - uptempo grooves based on layers and layers of
    rhythm and percussion, SLAMMIN

    Ernest Ranglin - King Tubby Meets the Rockers - this is a promo 12" that I
    happened to find in some cheap bin, for an album that came out in 96,
    called "below the bass line". This record is incredible!! All the tracks
    are live jazz instrumentations of classic reggae riddims. But nowhere near
    cheesy, Ernest Ranglin improvises beautifully over these grooves. If you
    liked 'Montego Bay Spleen' on St Germain's tourist, I recommend that you
    hunt down this CD/record.

    Walkner Mostl - Heaven or Hell - newst release on G-Stone, this is an
    excellent album full of dubby beats that stays true to G-Stone's
    reputation. A couple of tracks are uptempo, they are all beautiful. Seems
    like a lot of work is done on this with a super-FX'd-guitar, which gives
    it a little more of a 'live' feel than K&D's beats.

    Azido da Bass - Dooms Night (Timo Maas mix) - This track is a hard hitting
    BEAST - designed for peak dancefloor play. I first heard it played by
    Peter Kruder. It's reminiscent of that Mr Oizo track, but has incredible
    breakdowns, and makes a crowd freak out!

    aiiite... peace everybody & thanks for keeping the music alive


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