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Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 07:47:27 MET DST

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    1) there is some spam, some posts from people you
    never hear of except to advertise. oh well. If you
    don't like playlists, you don't like the meatiest
    (albeit bluntest) content on this list. poor baby,
    here's a hanky. My favorite new playlist is
    CukiPapa's. I print it out and commit it to memory.
    The only thing I don't like about it is that I can't
    get everything on it!! =(

    2) Hope my, and others in my circle's, posts are not
    offensive. I for one love my city and want to get the
    word out, and furrow out those hiding list-members who
    might be in the neighborhood.

    3) trendy headphones. I fianlly broke down and got my
    first pair of really-truly all-mine headphones. I've
    had a rag-tag string of duct-taped, hand-me-down, $15,
    dead in one ear,
    and could never quite bring myself to spend the money.
     Finally stepped on the uncoiled cord of the latest in
    that proud lineage and killed them dead.

    Went to the store, terrorized the boy behind the
    counter and listened to like 5 pairs. Some Sony's,
    those fancy Pioneer sdj5000(?), some stantons, and a
    pair of Technics. Grudgingly, I decided on the Sony
    MDR-v700dj "for dj remix use" whatever that means.
    They're the fancy silver ones that all the cool kids
    have, they look like a fuckin' sketchers commcerial,
    but they were the loudest and boomiest I found. Super
    cozy on your head, even a small girl head like mine
    which is refreshing, and they swivel around nicely.
    haven't tried them out in a super loud setting yet,
    but they were just dandy in a small bar the other
    night. what troubles me, is that I know a lot of
    sony's have all replaceable parts, and I haven't found
    a part mapping for this one so I hope I didn't just
    buy a black box. Oh well. not everything in life can
    be open source. so far, i love them.

    4) ok, records, old and new, all rather new to me.
    trying to avoid those that have already gotten heavy
    press on here.

    - attica blues-what do you want? king britt mix
    a bleepy bloopy effect created by staccato vocal/drum
    stabs. some people arent' so crazy about it, i love

    -pepe bradock - burning
    i never buy house, but i bought this. super sweet
    hypnotic lovely deep stuff, gentle waves. love it.

    -brazilian explosion (mr bongo, 1996)
    I want to work for mr bongo when i grow up. just a mix
    of traditional and dancy brazilian rhythms. as raw and
    sugar-caney as you would hope from some good brazilian
    jams. also a section with just clean drum hits to

    -chataeu flight-prism
    ooh la la! clear vinyl, 3/4, and bouncy-lovely! mix
    with "cravo e canela" for a treat.

    -hidden agenda -inside outski/return
    not the most amazing shiki shiki i'v eever heard
    (although one friend insists it's hypnotic and one
    should listen 5 times in a row to truly understand)
    but worth noting because it's not only good, it's
    Hidden Agenda!! Joing others like Seiji and Photek
    with us musical refugees on the other side of the
    tumultous sea of bad drum and bass. So nice to see
    that good musicians are good musicians and that's the
    truth. pffffftt.

    - The blacktonez - flying h i g h
    it's on main squeeze. that's all you need to know.

    -tony allen - ariya (comet)
    much the same charm as Allenko Bortherhood cuz golly
    jee, it's all Tony Allen. it's all about that
    beat...that tony allen township african tight 4/4
    infectious disease of a beat. Giraffes on the cover!!

    -Osunlade - Latina Cafe - Aldeia de Ogun (Yoruba)
    mabye i have the label and artist mixed up? who
    cares, it's dope. Light bouncy latin house(?) with a
    little vocal sample that sounds like Joyce. It's like
    saltines or birds in the morning. outta NY.

    - Co-operation comp
    buy on sight, if only for the neon phusion song. but
    it won't be only for that, b/c it's got some wonderful
    stuff. only 2 weak spots: misa negra-keep you head to
    the sky is a little silly, and unit 46-the beach
    absolutely blows. If i want ibiza i'll buy a cheesy
    cd that says ibiza. other than that, lovely.

    - kahuun-long time no see (paperecordings-pink cover)
    this one's kinda wierd and growing on my very fast.
    it's this edgy african club beat, not so housy that I
    don't lke it, very light boom boom in there, mostly
    nervous deep duby drums, like kenny dope meets "pump
    up the volume". Then there's this goofy break with
    over-emphasized pan flute sorta things. Kind of
    awkward, but so am i. I give it an 8.

    -kenny dope- brazilica
    I thought this was going to be awful and trendy but
    it's quite nice! dancefloor samba.

    my 2 favorites now deserve a re-mention from the other
    day, they are so life-altering.

    Plutonia-Forever. Makes me almost cry every fkn time
    I put it on. just so sweet and lush, and all about
    sitting back and enjoying, falling into life like a
    big infinite feather bed. amazing.

    Likwid biskit- Substance. This is starting to edge
    out Photek-Consciousness for my favorite song ever in
    the history of the world. it's just so bugged out and
    sharp and precise and with funk in it and the vocals
    are understatedly insane. Argo doesn't like it as
    much, so i think maybe it clicks with certain

    it's saturday night, and where am i? in front of my
    computer!! Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!

    now playing, ravi shankar live at the monterey
    international pop festival. I don't understand ragas.
    I don't think i'm smart enough. I was at a classical
    indian music concert years ago with my friend Ketan
    and as i listened, I thought, oh how nice. Ketan (an
    indian guy from uganda and percussion wiz, to be fair)
    turns and says to me, "wow, did you hear that? it's a
    cycle in 13's." i love staggeringly intelligent
    people. =)

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