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Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 17:57:42 MET DST

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    ...and while you're at Clear, walk a few blocks up Valencia & check out
    Soundworks, on the other side of the street. A little broader selection
    than Clear, but some excellent house there as well. Perfect complement to

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    > Hi everyone! I've been scouring the bins for you lately in NYC and SF
    > (quick write-up on the SF vinyl scene)
    > Gen
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    > I spent the whole day on Monday walking from Golden Gate Park
    > to Market
    > Street along Haight St. I think I stopped in on 8 or 9
    > different vinyl
    > shops. While the East Village in NYC has a bunch of record stores
    > clustered relatively near each other (Satellite, Dubspot, Breakbeat
    > Science, Dance Tracks, Other Music, Eight Ball, Temple, etc.)
    > the SF shops
    > are almost all right on Haight.
    > I started at Amoeba, 1855 Haight...which I think is one of
    > the best, if not
    > best, independent record stores in the US. It's HUGE and
    > they carry every
    > kind of music imaginable on all formats. I haven't been to
    > anything quite
    > like it anywhere else in the US. It's a MUST stop kind of a place,
    > imho. Their used record collection is always interesting.
    > One of my best
    > finds there last year was "Delusions of Grandeur" a
    > compilation album by
    > the Hardkiss Brothers and Rabbit in the Moon which is a rarity.
    > Housewares, 1322 a store that I thought I would
    > like, but they
    > didn't really carry much in the way of "my sound." It's one
    > of the "house"
    > music stores on Haight, and while they didn't carry pop club
    > house per se,
    > I walked out of there with nothing. I think that there's so
    > much variety
    > in "house" music that there can be 3-4 stores that sell "house" but
    > specialize in different varieties.
    > Tweekin Records, 593 this relatively-well stocked
    > basement
    > store close to Spundae Records (which is a trance/prog house
    > store.) The
    > owners are English and they know what they're doing. I love
    > record stores
    > that categorize by "import" and "domestic" because if they
    > don't, it's even
    > more confusing. Tweekin carries mainly house, with a back room of
    > classics/disco reprints, downtempo and a small drum'n'bass
    > collection. I
    > found a bunch of great stuff there including the "Clubbed to
    > Death" 12"
    > that is probably a rare find these days. Their selection of
    > albums on
    > vinyl was also pretty good, although not as good as at
    > Amoeba. I ran into
    > Mark Little there, who used to be a fixture in the NYC house
    > scene as a
    > producer and substitute DJ at Body&SOUL. He's now just moved
    > to SF and has
    > "seen the light of Northern California."
    > OPEN MIND MUSIC, 342 Divisadero...this is a few blocks off
    > Haight but worth
    > stopping at because they have an extensive used section. I
    > found my copy
    > of the Latin house remix of "Beau Mot Plage" here and they
    > have a pretty
    > good selection of 45s and used rock and jazz. I would say
    > that their new
    > house/dance isn't that great (I think that their specialty is
    > indie rock)
    > but it's worth checking out if you're looking for used jazz,
    > world music,
    > old disco or other rarities.
    > Clear Music, 147 Valencia...was the last stop in my long day and was
    > clearly the best store for my kind of house, which I guess is
    > deep, jazzy,
    > Latin, tech-ish. Great selection, really friendly owners, no
    > snobbery at
    > all. This is clearly a place where they understand house
    > music. The owner
    > told me that he used to be roommates with the guy who owns the NYC
    > Satellite store, fwiw. I only had an hour there and you
    > really need 2-3
    > hours to go through all the crates and listen to everything.
    > Great place-
    > best jazzy/deep house store in SF, bar none.
    > In conclusion, check out Amoeba, Tweekin' and most definitely
    > Clear Music
    > when you go to SF...and use Hyperreal's Rotator Locator to
    > find cool stores
    > in your area.

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