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From: Erik Gaderlund (erikg@macconnect.com)
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 09:20:45 MET DST

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    >> From: Jason Witherspoon [mailto:arzachel@speakeasy.org]
    >> You missed Groove Merchant!! Major oversight> >
    >not if you're looking for house music.
    >besides, Groove Merchant is also spelled $roov$ Mer$han$ ... sorry just
    >having some fun. but they are one of the more expensive shops in the area.
    >for those more adventurous visitors to the Bay Area, there's also records to
    >be found in the East Bay. Primal Records in Berkeley is a great spot for
    >house. I always find stuff in their bins, and they have listening booths,
    >unlike Amoeba -- now THAT'S a major oversight, in my opinion. what's up with
    >that anyway? and anyone notice how much more they seal up hip hop records at
    >Amoeba? it takes two pairs of industrial strength scissors and a blow torch
    >to get off all that tape and plastic wrap. what's up with that?
    >g (livin' just enough for Oakland)

    Well, the South Bay, has a few too, but, for new vinyl is Rasputin's
    Music (also in Berkely and SF) which also go a little overboard on
    the rapping of their records. Also on Bascom in San Jose/Cambell is
    Streetlight, with a huge selection of used vinyl and CDs. But, I
    mostly comb through the last vinyl section in any Tower I know of in
    Mountain View of all places. Also wander around the SoFA area of San
    Jose and there are a few record stores hidden around--I found the DJ
    Food Jazz Breaks 4 & 5 down there.

    erik g

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