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From: Erik Gaderlund (erikg@macconnect.com)
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 09:44:04 MET DST

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    I have to second Aspeitia's opinion, though I guess because I don't
    think the people who need to hear will be listening. And, never been
    too fond of Vadim, so I guess it comes off on his guests. No matter,
    because the revolution will be televised, webcast, etc., but, know
    one will know it for what it is;)

    erik g

    She also does that Nike commercial right? Got to listen closer.

    >heya Axel,
    >"Annoying and tiresome" ? Nah, political and pointed...straight at the
    >'other' gender. Maybe it's a woman t'ing. :-)
    >(not intending to start a flame war or new thread here....lol... it's all a
    >matter of taste and perspective)
    >I agree though that the Dana Bryant version is wicked, in a different way
    >mind you. I never heard the Labelle cover and would love to. Was it on a
    >full-length? Thanks for the tip. Ciao for now.
    >aspeitia axel arturo barcelo wrote:
    >> My opinion (for whatever is worth) of 'Your Revolution" is completely
    >> opposite to Denise's. I find it annoying and tiresome. . . but it may be
    >> because I got Scott-Heron's original version recently and her new version
    >> seems just so. . . gratuituos. Dana Bryant's version (on Giant Steps vol.
    >> 1) is a much better (if 10 years old) update.
    >> drxl
    >> btw Labelle did another cover
    >> back in 1997, right? has anyone heard it?
    >> On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Denise Benson wrote:
    >> > I'm totally digging the new remixes of "Your Revolution," the Nappa mix
    >> > in particular. I could swear though, I've heard a more uptempo, jazzy
    >> > remix of this track than the new 12" on Ninja. Anyone know of such a mix
    >> > or am I inventing it in my music-filled daydreams? I would hunt down
    >> > practically ANY mix of this track as it's a winner and heart-warmer for
    >> > its spot-on verbal flow.
    >> :-:.:-:.:-:.:-:.:-:.:-:
    >> : www.mp3.com/drxl :
    >> :.:-:.:-:.:-:.:-:.:-:.:
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