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Date: Sat Oct 14 2000 - 14:35:03 MET DST

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    Added to the list are these: out of Switzerlamd. That is how I obtained a
    rare Martine Girault, rare at least for the U.S.A. out of Chicago, Illinois. If it is on there
    website stock listing then you are in. I like this place because I really
    dig the Radio show they offer. It gives you a chance to hear music that you
    may not normallly be exposed to. I really like this place. Just ask for
    Joe Joe and Dirk, tell'em Pace' sent you. I loves this place because it is local for
    me here in Charleston, South Carolina. I'll order off the wall stuff and
    tell the personnel to give a listen to and then they are hooked. They,
    since I have moved there, have discovered Acid Jazz and Downtempo.

    Also I would recommend paging Aaron Manire from this list. His websitesite
    have links to several places to get imports. Happy Trails!!

    Semper Motociclismo,


    p.s.: Sade, Hmm!!! November 14 is almost here!!!!!!

    Hi all

    I like these two, although I am based in the UK.

    They both offer tax-free and international shipping, and both allow you to
    listen to samples beforehand - always useful!

    I've not had any problems with ordering from either of them.


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    > Anyone here know of a European/UK online CD store that ships worldwide?
    > Preferably selling at same cost (i.e. no lame export fees)?
    > I'd been relying on for over a year but just found out
    > closed down :( I like the fact that I could get UK imports for 10-13
    > ($14-$19), which is better than the $22-$40 price I'd pay for an import
    > Elson
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