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Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 11:12:14 MET DST

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    > Do any of you have information on Vibraphonic? I've been searching high and
    > low but only managed to find the names of the band members only. Would be
    > very grateful if you can point out any websites about the group.

    No web site, but I know Vibraphonic is the band of Roger Beaujolais,
    a brilliant vibraphone player (of course).

    Beaujolais was in a band called "The Chevalier Brothers" together with
    Ray Gelato. The Ray Gelato album "The men from uncle" is pretty ok in
    the swing genre btw. It's out on IRMA records;

    Chevalier Brothers split in about -88, and "The Beaujolais Band" was
    Beaujolais' new band, then followed by Vibraphonics.


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