Keyser & Shuriken (Budapest) - newsletter #36: The art form of the DJ

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Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 16:46:52 MET DST

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    Keyser & Shuriken - newsletter #36: The art form of the DJ

    Newsflash 16.10.2000

    Dear friends,

    Last week's Kristalykert show was a real thrill (see playlist below:
    Lee'n'gum and we spinned back to back and it felt just perfect (magic was
    in the air no doubt). During the weekend we also had the time to work on
    our stuff in the studio. Right now we are getting ready for our German mini
    tour (20.10, Friday at Into Somethin', Munich and 21.10, Saturday at
    Bogaloo, Pfarrkirchen). Drop by if you have a chance to check out our
    selection of nu grooves and some rare Hungarian jazz goodies!

    This week you have the chance to read a part of superb essay by Joe Allen
    on the origins of breakbeat culture:

    "The whole art form of the DJ is seeking for beats, and the love and
    respect for the records that you find and the respect for the other DJ who
    has the same ability.... But we made one terrible mistake, and all due
    respect to Lenny*, that was our undoing. Because we did not understand what
    he was doing at the time.... He knew all of us, and he would come to all of
    us and say, "What record was that?" But what he did was networked between
    all of us, so he ultimately ended up with everything. We wasn't thinking
    about making money like that, our love was just for the art form itself and
    being recognized in the community and on the street.... It wasn't
    selfishness, it was the fact that if you wanted to go to a Bambaataa party
    and hear certain records, he had his crowd who wanted to hear those certain
    records.... Each DJ had his own [repertoire]. We had the generic records
    that became generic once everybody in our circle had 'em. The whole thing
    was the obscure records. Everybody always came up at their next party with
    the next new obscure record. And that cycle would go for at least two or
    three parties before the next DJ got that record."

    * Lenny Roberts of Beat Street Records, who decided to make the information
    public and the breakbeats easily available with the release of the Ultimate
    Breaks and Beats series.

    Read the whole essay at

    Keep on searching for obscure records till next week!

    Keyser & Shuriken


    Tilos Radio (
    Kristalykert (Crystal Garden - 10.10.2000) - DJs: Keyser, Shuriken,


    Hi-fi: <>

    1. Novi Singers - Five, Four, Three (JCR)
    2. Tony Allen with Afrobeat 2000 - Nepa Dance Dub (Ocho)
    3. Antibalas - Dirt and Blood (Afrosound)
    4. Rip Rig & Panic - Warm To The If In Life (Virgin)
    5. Fila Brazillia - Ridden Pony (Twentythree)
    6. Kenny Rankin - In The Name Of Love (Counterpoint)
    7. Ramsey Lewis Trio - Day Tripper (Chess)
    8. Tom Jones - Looking Out My Window (Phase4)
    9. Rare Earth - Hey Big Brother (Rare Earth)
    10. Energit - Superstimulator (Panton)
    11. Nuspirit Helsinki - Love Bossa (JCR)
    12. George Duke - Brazilian Love Affair (Epic)
    13. DZihan & Kamien - Dabudei (Couch)
    14. Trio Electrico - Return Of The Coconut Groove (Stereo Deluxe)
    15. Feature Cast - Recipe For The Perfect Afro (Catskills)
    16. Charlie Antolini - Woe's All Over Me (MPS)
    17. K-Scope - Orientations (Good Looking)
    18. David Axelrod - Urizen (Capitol)
    19. Dimenzio - A clown szerelme (Pepita)
    20. Dorando - Didn't I (Counterpoint)
    21. The Beatles - Flying (Apple)
    22. Kid Loco Blues Project - Public Paranoiac Number One (Yellow)
    23. Cypress Hill - Illusions - Harpsichord mix (Columbia)
    24. Snowboy - Oya Me Ye - UFO's Tender Moments mix (Ubiquity)
    25. Gotan Project - Last Tango In Paris (Ya Basta!)
    26. Animals On Wheels - Build A (Ninja Tune)
    27. Art Konik - Mingpark (Comet)
    28. Skillsters - Bonus beats '98 (Pyssy)
    29. Prince Paul - DJ Princepaul vs. The World (Om)
    30. Skitz & Julie Dexter - Be (Hospital)
    31. Gene Ammons - Jungle Strut (Prestige)
    32. Pege Trio - Peter (Qualiton)
    33. George Duke - Cravo E Cravela (Epic)
    34. Root Source - Beyond The Haze (Ocho)
    35. LGT - Boogie a zongoran (Pepita)
    36. Debreceni Jazz Egyuttes - Egyutt (Pepita)
    37. David Axelrod - Reviere (Polydor)
    38. Bob James - Valley Of The Shadows (CTI)
    39. Mr. Scruff - Ug (Ninja Tune)
    40. Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat (F-Com)
    41. The X-Men - Turntable (Om)
    42. Marius Cultier - Oulele (Comet)
    43. Jamaica's Groove Band - Shaft (Fat City)
    44. C. K. Mann & Carousel 7 - Funky Hilife (Ocho)
    45. Bushy & Professor - Squezy Soul (Catskills)
    46. The Illdependents - Innacity Dreams (Compost)
    47. Herbaliser feat. Latryx - ? (Ninja Tune)
    48. Pariss - Black Mary (2000black)

    Tour dates:

    20.10. Munich (D), Into Somethin' (
    21.10. Pfarrkirchen (D), Bogaloo (
    5.11. Zagreb (CR), Aquarius (
    11.11. Budapest, Sziget Events Hall: FREEE 5. Birthday Party

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